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Genre Thriller
SRP $9.98
UPC 813153010303
Catalog OSD1030
Format DVD
Run Time 86 min.
Production Year 2009
Rating NR
Screen Format 16:9 Widescreen
Sound Format 5.1 Surround
Language English
Origin USA

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In 1994, residents of the small town of Clear Lake, WI fell victim to a strange and horrible disease. As fears spread through the town, an influential local preacher (Michael Madsen) called the outbreak a supernatural punishment for the sins of the people and recruited a small group of high school students to help him kidnap the worst of the sinners...people who the preacher called sinners.

By the time the government health officials arrived to find the cause of the outbreak, thirteen people had gone missing and most of the townspeople had fled. The government evacuated the remaining
citizens and permanently quarantined the town.

Fifteen years later, a documentary filmmaker tracks down the four surviving students and convinces them to return to Clear Lake to tell their side of the story. Upon returning to the empty town, strange things begin to happen.

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Michael Madsen, Dustin Booth, Morgan Simpson, Grinnell Morris, Shi Ne Nielson

Synopsis Featuring
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Synopsis Featuring Special Features
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