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SRP $6.98
UPC 798622301024
Catalog WLV3010
Format DVD
Run Time 97 min
Production Year 1989
Rating R
Screen Format 4:3 Full Frame
Sound Format 2.0 Stereo
Language English
Origin USA
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Street gang member Ray Trueblood (Jeff Fahey) is framed by the ruthless leader of a rival gang, Billy “Spider” Masters
(Billy Drago), for the murder of a policeman. As the law closes in, Ray attempts to escape, wounding Spider in the process.
Ray flees the city, leaving behind his little brother, Donny (Chad Lowe). In order to avoid capture for a crime he didn’t
commit, Ray hides out by joining the military. He returns to his old neighborhood a decade later to take his brother away from
the violence of the streets and a dead end life. But much has changed in Ray’s ten-year absence. Donny, now 18 years old,
hates Ray for abandoning him long ago and so became a member of Spider’s gang. Furthermore, Billy Masters is looking
for revenge, and a justice-driven detective relentlessly pursues Ray for the unsolved murder of the police officer.

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Jeff Fahey, Sherilyn Fenn, Chad Lowe

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Synopsis Featuring Special Features
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