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Genre Action
SRP $14.98
UPC 798622335821
Catalog WLV3358
Format DVD 4 Disc-Set
Screen Format 4:3 Fullframe
Sound Format 2.0 Stereo
Language English
Origin USA
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BLACK BRIGADE: 95 min. / Not Rated

STARRING: Richard Pryor, Billy Dee Williams, Stephen Boyd, Susan Oliver


Written and produced by TV’s Aaron Spelling (The Love Boat, Charlie’s Angels, Beverly Hills 90210), this realistic wartime drama is set during World War II and stars Stephen Boyd as Captain Beau Carter, a bigoted white officer who must lead an all black unit on a suicide mission deep behind Nazi lines. Richard Pryor, Billy Dee Williams, Moses Gunn, Roosevelt “Rosie” Grier, Glynn Turman, and Robert Hooks portray the members of Company B whose only combat experience is digging graves and latrines. Carter has only two days in which to turn the men into a battle-ready commando team in order to carry out “Operation London Bridge”!


BLACK COBRA 2: 95 min / Not Rated

STARRING: Fred Williamson, Nicholas Hammond, Emma Hoagland

Action film veteran Fred Williamson reprises his role as tough Chicago cop Lt. Robert Malone in this sequel to “Black Cobra”. A small-time thief is found murdered and Malone is teamed up with an inspector from Interpol as the killer’s trail leads to the Philippines and a ruthless terrorist who will stop at nothing to escape capture... including breaking into a school and taking 350 students hostage. It’s up to Malone and his new partner to take down the bad guys, without harming the children in the process!


DEADLY IMPACT: 75 min. / Not Rated

STARRING: Fred Williamson, Bo Svenson, Giovanni Lombardo Radice

Action film star Fred Williamson teams with Bo Svenson in this thrill-packed crime drama. Svenson portrays hard-nosed cop George Ryan whose beat is the mean streets of Las Vegas. When a local computer genius discovers a way to beat the odds at slot machines, he pays with his life at the hands of two low-life mobsters (Giovanni Lombardo Radice and Vincent Conte). As the gangsters search for the stashed winnings, Ryan stumbles across their path, barely escaping with his life. Ignoring the orders of his superiors, he sets out on a personal vendetta against the thugs, blackmailing sleazy helicopter pilot Lou (Fred Williamson) into helping him track down the vicious killers. Ryan’s mission of vengeance soon becomes a race against time when the two ruthless hoodlums kidnap the girlfriend of the murdered man and move one step closer to the hidden cash!  Spectacular and well-executed stunt sequences filmed in Monument Valley, Arizona highlight this film’s explosive climax.


WHITE FIRE: 90 min / Rated R

STARRING: Fred Williamson, Robert Ginty, Belinda Amyne, Bruno Zincone, Mirella Banti 

While employed at a diamond mine in the Turkish desert, brother and sister gem thieves Bo (Robert Ginty) and Ingrid (Belinda Mayne) set their sights on the legendary "White Fire". Their activities anger a local crime syndicate, and during a bloody raid of the siblings' home, Ingrid is killed. A distraught Bo meets Olga (Diana Goodman) who bears a striking resemblance to Ingrid, and after a bit of plastic surgery, the duo plots to re-infiltrate the mine. But standing between them and the priceless jewel is the mob and hired assassin Noah (Fred Williamson) who is about to collect a bounty that has been placed on Olga.

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