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Genre Comedy
UPC 813153010419
Catalog OSD1041
Format DVD
Run Time 77 min.
Production Year 2009
Rating NR
Screen Format 16:9 Widescreen
Sound Format 5.1 Surround
Language English
Origin USA

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A loving couple Laura (Agnese Zeltina) and John (Lochlyn Munro – White Chicks, Freddy vs. Jason) get lost in the middle of nowhere during a thunderstorm, riding a scooter to a birthday party. Looking for a place to spend the night they end up at a rundown shack occupied by Raul (Robert Pike Daniel - Dance With Me) who immediately becomes obsessed with Laura whom he proclaims is ‘my miracle.’  Lost in a fantasy, Raul offers John millions of dollars he claims to have to forget Laura and leave her forever.  John, torn and confused over the offer to give up Laura, has become suspicious about Raul’s money.  At the same time Laura has quickly developed her own obsession with Raul’s money and the notion of leaving John.  The entire fiasco takes an abrupt turn when the ‘Pizza Man’ (DeRay Davis – License to Wed, Semi-Pro) arrives at the door not to deliver – but retrieve his money!  Once the money is gone John and Laura know for sure that realities don’t live up to your dreams!

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Lochlyn Monroe (White Chicks, Freddy Vs. Jason)

Synopsis Featuring
Special Features
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Synopsis Featuring Special Features
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